Cyclone is a library of PureData classes, bringing some level of compatibility between Max/MSP and Pd environments.  Although being itself in the early stage of development, it is meant to eventually become part of a much larger project, aiming at unification and standardization of computer musician's tools.

In its current form, cyclone is mainly for people using both Max and Pd, and thus wanting to develop cross-platform patches.  In this respect, cyclone has much in common with Thomas Grill's flext, and flext-based externals.  See  Thomas' page.  While flext enables developing new cross-platform classes, cyclone makes existing classes cross-platform.

Cyclone also comes handy, somewhat, in the task of importing Max/MSP patches into Pd.  Do not expect miracles, though, it is usually not an easy task.

The entire cyclone library, which might be preloaded with either  -lib cyclone  or  -lib maxmode  option, consists of:

The two main sub-libraries might be loaded separately, by using  -lib hammer  and/or   -lib sickle  options.  There is also a possibility of loading any single class from hammer or sickle library dynamically (this feature is only available in the linux snapshot).

Currently, the hammer part contains:  accum, acos, active, anal, Append (more info), asin, bangbang, bondo, Borax, Bucket, buddy, capture, cartopol, Clip, coll, comment, cosh, counter, cycle, decide, Decode, drunk, flush, forward, fromsymbol, funbuff, funnel, gate, grab, Histo, iter, match, maximum, mean, midiflush, midiformat, midiparse, minimum, mousefilter, MouseState, mtr (more info), next, offer, onebang, past, Peak, poltocar, prepend (more info), prob, pv, seq (more info), sinh, speedlim, spell, split, spray, sprintf, substitute, sustain, switch, Table (more info), tanh, thresh, TogEdge, tosymbol, Trough, universal, urn, Uzi, xbendin, xbendout, xnotein, xnoteout, and zl.

The sickle part contains:  abs~, acos~, acosh~, allpass~, asin~, asinh~, atan~, atan2~, atanh~, average~, avg~, bitand~, bitnot~, bitor~, bitshift~, bitxor~, buffir~, capture~, cartopol~, change~, click~, Clip~, comb~, cosh~, cosx~, count~, curve~, cycle~, delay~, delta~, deltaclip~, edge~, frameaccum~, framedelta~, index~, kink~, Line~, linedrive, log~, lookup~, lores~, matrix~ (more info), maximum~, minimum~, minmax~, mstosamps~, onepole~, peakamp~, peek~, phasewrap~, pink~, play~, poke~, poltocar~, pong~, pow~, rampsmooth~, rand~, record~, reson~, sah~, sampstoms~, Scope~, sinh~, sinx~, slide~, Snapshot~, spike~, svf~, tanh~, tanx~, train~, trapezoid~, triangle~, vectral~, wave~, and zerox~.

Cyclone comes without any documentation.  All the included patches were created merely for testing.


Be warned: careless use of this snapshot release may prove dangerous to your (pure) data and mental health... 


For Pd 0.37 or 0.38 (at least 0.37 test10):

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