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Warning: toxy releases are tested with Miller Puckette's version of Pd, and 8.4 version of Tcl/Tk.  Compatibility tests for the cvs branch of Pd, and non-8.4 versions of Tcl/Tk, are occasional and superficial.  Widget is expected to cause various troubles on a Mac.

Widget makes Tk widgets into Pd patchable objects.  In the ideal world, the gui elements forming a performance surface would not be specific to Pd.  Instead, they would be imported from a universally available, broadly known and mastered performer's widget setWidget is one step in this direction.  It is a vary small step, while the main task of actually defining and implementing the widgets is not a toy project at all.  For another approach, see Joe Sarlo's GrIPD.

The creation and edition of widget objects (of any Tk class) is done in the Pd's patch editor, in the same way, as is the case with other Pd objects.  The Pd message system may be used for the manipulation of the entire set of widget's Tk options.  A widget may respond to arbitrary Pd messages, and may be configured for sending through its outlet, or sending to a remote target.  The interface between a widget and a patch is scriptlet-basedWidget is described in more detail here.

Tow is a widget's proxy.  In a clear and comfortable performance surface, widgets would likely have to be decoupled from the rest of a patch.  Towing widgets to the engine through their tows is easier and safer than using global sends and receives.  The tow is described here.

Tot is a simple interface between a Pd patch and its gui.  It is designed to help building and executing Tcl scripts from inside of Pd.  Tot objects interpret Pd messages as scriptlets of various types.  The tot might be helpful in customizing Pd's look and feel, or preparing Pd presentations.  Although it may serve in various typical scripting contexts (accessing operating system's or web resources, string processing, etc.), in most cases a plustot would perform much better, than a tot.  A nice thing about this toy is its implementation being a tiny little tot.  Check the examples, then read more about tot here.

Plustot's features are listed here.

Be warned: careless use of this snapshot release may prove dangerous to your (pure) data and mental health... 


For Pd 0.37 or 0.38 (at least 0.37 test10):

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