xeq and friends

The xeq is a qlist extension, which may serve as a simple midi sequencer, or as a set of general sequencing tools.  It is designed to be unfolded into a population of hosts and friends, where friends are objects performing specific tasks on sequences hosted by host objects.

The main part of xeq external group resides in a single library file, best to be loaded during Pd startup, using a library option.  It may also find its way into Pd on an as needed basis, but in this case, a set of properly named symbolic links should accompany xeq.pd_linux (using multiple copies of xeq.dll should be avoided).  Once loaded, the library may be in turn extended with arbitrary external classes derived from it.

You may want to read short descriptions of the classes contained in the main library:  xeqxeq_hostxeq_parsexeq_polyparsexeq_recordxeq_followxeq_dataxeq_polytempoxeq_time,  and  xeq_query.

Then you may choose to read a longer story about xeq's relation to qlist.

There is also a glossary of xeq's peculiar terminology, which you may find helpful (or even more confusing).

Be warned: careless use of this snapshot release may prove dangerous to your (pure) data and mental health... 

source tarball
linux binary recompiled for Pd-0.42
dll library xeq.zip (2nd beta)

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